Carol's Story

“When I look back over the past 2 months and realize how my view of life has changed for the positive and how it is changing me.  I would never have guessed to what depths I could connect with myself; through your compassionate, genuine and capable guidance I am truly more of the person that I have always wanted to be.  You have shown me that I do not have to stay locked into a thought process…a constant struggle to remain positive.  If I could, I would finance each and every person in the world in which, to experience your Hypnotherapy and Meditation CD’s.  I have found such a deep peace and a new outlook on life that in my past, I did not even allow myself to hope for.  There is not a thing that I would change about my experiences while in your care.  They are perfect to me and I pray that others will find you and learn that they too can find this sense of peace, joy and just letting go.”

With warmest regards,
Carroll L., Roseville