Chi Kung/ Tai Chi Free Intro Class in Grass Valley!
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Chi Kung/ Tai Chi Free Intro Class in Grass Valley!

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Join us to learn to move through life with grace, balance, harmony and strength.

Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese exercise involving the mind, breath and movement to restore the natural flow of chi (energy) to a natural, healthy balance.

Tai Chi - also known as “moving meditation” - is a series of choreographed movements, practiced to balance the energy between man/women and nature.

These classes are safe, gentle, easy and fun to learn for all ages. Some of the benefits are:

Relive arthritis.
Reduce stress.
Increase flexibility.
Develop physical strength.
Improve balance and coordination.
Develop spinal strength and stability.
Cultivate mental awareness and
concentration and more...

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Invite your friends!

Regular classes start Thursday, March 7, 2019 - 11 am to 12 pm
and continue every Thursday!

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